PR Blunder in PR’s (Satay) Kajang Move

Dr. Azam Che and Nazri Noor, 29/01/2014

Satay Kajang Blunder


The shocking and yet cunningly obvious political manoeuver to position Datuk Seri Anwar as Kajang’s future ADUN in the hope of taking over the Menteri Besar (MB) of Selangor’s post; has certainly amused most political commentators. Critics from both sides of the political divide have been furiously fanning the gossip of ‘behind the scene’ politics. If these side-line gossips are left unheeded by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders, the manoeuver could backfire and Datuk Seri Anwar would be sacrificed at the altar of Machiavellian real-politics; and Selangor, the crown jewel of Malaysia’s economy, would return to its previous ruler, the Barisan Nasional (BN). If Datuk Seri Anwar loses at Kajang’s by-election, this would most likely be the end of his political career. This scenario is certainly worse than the current status-quo where Tan Sri Khalid is still perceived as a competent Selangor MB, through his prudent, thrifty and transparent policies, led to the increase of state reserves by billions of ringgit thus halting BN’s strategic efforts in trying to topple PR in Selangor. Good management of public perception must always be taken into consideration in any part of political strategic planning if PR wants to keep on choking the life-blood out of the current federal government.

Anwar’s Bad PR

Datuk Seri Anwar has certainly made quite a few of disastrous PR blunder in the past. Besides the constant effort from BN’s spin-doctor to paint him as a sex-crazed Jewish-NOW-conspirator on a mission to destroy the Malay special rights in Malaysia, he certainly did not do himself a favour due to several PR mistakes such as:-

  • Anwar made a promise that he would form a new federal government on 16th of September 2008, by claiming that several BN’s component party MPs would defecting, which didn’t come to realization.
  • In 2012, in a WSJ interview, Anwar said that he supported the two-state solutions for Palestine/Israel crisis, which was and still is a very unpopular view in Malaysia
  • He is now running for ADUN position in Kajang even though he famously said that he would retire after GE13.

People have been cynically suggesting that he would settle for MB of Selangor position because he could not reach the top post as the Malaysian PM. At least the Selangor MB could enjoy better pay than the PM. Lucky for him, today, the PKR strategist, Rafizi Ramli, who is still clean from any wrong doings and political smear, gave a statement that he would bear all responsibility of designing this manoeuver and Datuk Seri Anwar was portrayed as the reluctant team player sacrificing himself.

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A tale of 2 proteges.

Nazri Noor 29/01/2014

In 1982, Datuk Seri Anwar was seen as a rising star in politics. “the most qualified bachelor”, so goes the metaphor. He has the Islamic credentials. He grew up in ABIM. His mentor was allahyarham Dato Fadhil Noor. people expected anwar to join PAS, to be with his mentor.

No. He did the unthinkable then by joining UMNO. He caused an uproar and split public opinion apart.

Throughout the 16 years (1982-1998), he grew fast and furious in UMNO, sidestepping many along the way, friends and foes alike. He was so fast and looks almost impossible to stop. He cannot turn back but only to move forward.

But he forgot one thing, he is not dealing with any seasoned politician. Its none other than the master trickster himself, Tun Mahathir. before anwar able to draw his keris, Tun Mahathir shot him first. Continue reading

Halal Secularism: Malaysian way forward

Dr Azam Che, 27/01/2014


The fragile social-fabric of Malaysia has been torn up evermore by recent events being sensationalized in the mainstream media. It is as if the media is competing with each other to see who is faster in disseminating the racial hatred and religious bigotry espoused by fringe segments of the society. To what purpose and whether it was done intentionally is open for anybody’s speculation but what is certain is that the poison of polarization has been fed to everybody with media access. The debates surrounding the use of Allah’s name is still being flamed by over-zealous parties claiming that the Christians real intention of using Allah’s name is to convert gullible Muslims. The right question to ponder relating to this issue is christian missionary activities illegal in itself? This debates has been turned upside down a few weeks later when the Assistant Minister in Sarawak Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs) has been quoted to say that Sarawak Islamic Affairs Department does not actively propagate Islam in Sarawak in order to preserve the racial and religious harmony. Recent police report made by the kampung folks in Pitas, Sabah, who said that they were duped into embracing Islam by a missionary NGO based in the Peninsular further complicates the matter. It looks like a tit-for-tat situation where Christians are not allowed to propagates its religion in the Peninsular whilst the Muslims are not allowed to do so in Borneo. Is this the way it was supposed to be in Malaysia? Major polarization between Peninsular and Borneo due to racial and religious mistrust? Keep this situation going long enough then the scenario of Sudan (with majority Muslim) and South Sudan (with majority non-Muslim) splitting up would not be far from imaginary in Malaysia.

Stopping the cycle of oppression

As the majority in this country, Muslims have much to learn from the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him). During the early years of Quranic revelation, the Prophet and the minority Muslim community suffered from intellectual, political and economic oppressions in the hands of the native non-Muslim Quraisy. Islam as the intellectual religion which appeals to logical reasoning has been perceived as a threat to status quo of the then political elites. The Prophet (pbuh) was been branded as a liar, a lunatic and sorcerer in order to dissuade common people from listening to his calls. The Makkan political elites knew wholeheartedly that against their superstitious polytheistic religion, the rational aspect of Islam would stand out and the whole Makkah will enter the fold of Islam. This is a political disaster for them as they will lose their political grip of Makkan society and the Prophet (pbuh) would naturally become their leader. So they strategically boycotted the Muslim community politically, socially and economically. Thus the foundation of Islamic propagation could not be founded in Makkah and they must migrated to another place. Would the Muslim community migrated to Medina had the Makkan practiced religious plurality and freedom of speech? Continue reading

1Malaysia or 1Ummah, Which Nation do we belong to?

Dr. Azam Che, 14/1/14

Malaysians, with its multicultural and pluralistic nature, have grown tired of empty rhetoric purported by political masters and at times, conveniently echoed by the shoe polishers, those self proclaimed Islamists not exempted.

The sudden emergence of a hardliner, far-right Nationalist-Islamist group pre- and post-PRU13 has certainly been worrying. Identified by their ideological coupling (or rather, muddling) of the Malay-race superiority and Islamism ideals, they have stirred and sowed the seeds of national disintegration at worst and caused much confusion about the real teaching of Islam at best.

Ummah being hijacked?

The false narrative of Islam and Malay-Muslim heritage being under constant threat which they propagated seems only to further emphasize their purported claim of being the Protector of the Ummah. They provoked and toyed around the issue of Allah’s name and goes as far as saying that the Christians citizen of Malaysia can migrate to other country if they are dissatisfied with the ban of non-muslims using Allah in their Bible.

While the call for all parties to respect the court ruling is appreciated, some thought must be spared on the perplexity and complexity of the rulings which state that Sarawakian and Sabahan may continue to use Allah in the Bible and the Christians in peninsular may not. Thus it seems, this issue which has been fanned by such hardline groups, acted more like red-herring which distract from the real problems plaguing this country. Continue reading

Fenomena barang naik dan serbuan rampas bible : Angkara UMNO yang takut dengan hantu, tetapi berani dengan Tuhan

Nazri Noor, 11/1/14

Negara melangkah masuk tirai 2014 berbebankan dua polemik yang berlegar diminda rakyat dan memenuhi ruang akhbar. Polemik yang dipusakai dari tahun sebelumnya, tetapi masih dan akan terus menghantui kesempitan hidup rumahtangga rakyat marhain dan mengeruhkan hubungan sosial antara kaum.

Isu dan fenomena yang menyempitkan hidup rakyat ialah barang naik, angkara subsidi yang ditarik.  Kebetulan dengan tradisi hujung tahun persediaan kembali ke sekolah, kenaikan harga barang amat perit untuk ditelan dan menjadi keluhan umum. Satu lagi isu yang mengeruhkan keharmonian kaum ialah operasi serbuan dan merampas kitab bible oleh sebuah agensi kerajaan.

Sepintas lalu, kedua-dua polemik ini jauh berbeza dan tidak berkait. Tetapi kalau diperincikan hakikatnya, fenomena barang naik dan tindakan merampas bible ada pertaliannya.  Umpama pepatah lama, serupa tapi tak sama. Satu isu berkait dengan hantu, manakala satu lagi berkait dengan tuhan.

UMNO tuan kepada melayu, atau melayu tuan kepada UMNO.

Bagi UMNO, merekalah yang membela bangsa melayu. Hidup mati melayu ditangan UMNO. Tanpa UMNO, siapalah melayu. Itulah tanggapan UMNO.

Dalam dunia perbomohan,    yang membela biasanya dipanggil tuan, dan makhluk yang dibela biasanya dirujuk sebagai hantu. Hantu dibela oleh tuannya. Lazimnya, nasib hidup si hantu bergantung semata-mata oleh budibicara dan kasihan tuannya. Kalau ‘baik’ si tuan, sempurna lah hidup si hantu. Zalim si tuan, meranalah pula si hantu. Continue reading